Thursday, June 4, 2009

Resources, remove fog of war, and instant build cheats:
Press Enter then type the following codes into the ingame chat box and press enter =

forcefood = 1000 food
forceore = 1000 ore
forcecarbon = 1000 carbon
forcefood = 1000 food
forcesight = remove fog of war
forcebuild = instant build and research
forcenova = 1000 nova
forcesight = Fog of war gone
forcebuild = Instant construction & research
tarkin - All enemies destroyed
skywalker = Mission won
forceboat = press comma to see ship over water
simonsays = Ewok monster
darkside <1-8> = Destroy enemy number
forceexplore = Show map

More Ships:
Press [Enter] during gameplay, enter one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again.

Corellian Corvette code: Tantive IV
Imperial Star Destroyer code: Imperial Entanglements
Death Star(!) code: That's no moon


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