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Most of us are very curious to know a method to send anonymous emails to our friends for fun. But the question is, is it possible to send anonymous emails in spite of the advanced spam filtering technology adopted by email service provides like Gmail, Yahoo etc? The answer is YES, it is still possible to bypass their spam filters and send anonymous emails to your friends. For example, you can send an email to your friend with the following sender details.

From: Bill Gates

The art of sending this kind emails is known as Email Spoofing. In my previous post on How to Send Fake Email I insisted on using your own SMTP server to send anonymous emails. This method used to work successfully in the past, but today it has a very low success rate since Gmail and Yahoo(all major email service providers) blocks the emails that are sent directly from a PC. In this post I have come up with a new way to send anonymous emails (spoofed emails) that has 100% success rate. If you have to successfully send an anonymous email or spoofed email, you should send it using a relay server.

What is a Relay Server?

In simple words, a relay server is an SMTP Server that is trusted by Google or Yahoo as an authorised sender of the email. So, when you send an email using a relay server, the email service providers like Yahoo and Gmail blindly accept the emails and deliver it to the inbox of the recipient. If the SMTP server is not authorised, Google and Yahoo will reject all the emails sent from this SMTP server. This is the reason for which using our own SMTP server to send emails fail.

So What’s Next?

Now all we have to do is, find a trusted SMTP server to Send Spoofed Emails. Usually all the emails that are sent from web hosting providers are trusted and authorised. So, you have to find a free web hosting provider that allows you to send emails. But, most of the free Web Hosts disable the Mail feature and do not allow the users to send emails. This is done just to avoid spamming. However all the paid hosting plans allow you to send any number of emails. Once you find a hosting service that allows to send emails from their servers, it’s just a cakewalk to send anonymous emails. All we have to do is just modify the email headers to insert the spoofed From address field into it.

I have created a PHP script that allows you to send emails from any name and email address of your choice. The script can be found here.

Anonymous Email Sender Script

Here is a step-by-step procedure to setup your own Anonymous Email Sender Script

1. Goto X10 Hosting and register a new account.

2. Download my Anonymous Email Sender Script (sendmail.rar).

3. Login to your FreeWebHostingArea Account and click on File Manager.

4. Upload the sendmail.php, pngimg.php and bg1.PNG files to the server.

5. Set permissions for sendmail.php, pngimg.php and bg1.PNG to 777.

6. Now type the following URL

NOTE: yoursite must be substituted by the name of the subdomain that you have chosen during the registration process.

7. Use the script to send Anonymous Emails. Enjoy!!!

Tell me whether it worked or not. Please pass your comments…

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It can be a nightmare if someone else takes control of your Google Account because all your Google services like Gmail, Orkut, Google Calendar, Blogger, AdSense, Google Docs and even Google Checkout are tied to the same account.

Here are some options suggested by Google Support when you forget the Gmail password or if someone else takes ownership of your Google Account and changes the password:

1. Reset Your Google Account Password:

Type the email address associated with your Google Account or Gmail user name at - you will receive an email at your secondary email address with a link to reset your Google Account Password.
This will not work if the other person has changed your secondary email address or if you no longer have access to that address.

2. For Google Accounts Associated with Gmail:

If you have problems while logging into your Gmail account, you can consider contacting Google by filling this form. It however requires you to remember the exact date when you created that Gmail account.

3. For Hijacked Google Accounts Not Linked to Gmail:

If your Google Account doesn’t use a Gmail address, contact Google by filling this form. This approach may help bring back your Google Account if you religiously preserve all your old emails. You will be required to know the exact creation date of your Google Account plus a copy of that original “Google Email Verification” message.

It may be slightly tough to get your Google Account back but definitely not impossible if you have the relevant information in your secondary email mailbox.

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You know the use of Print screen button on the keyboard [present on top right above insert] .It captures the screen , right ?
But now I will tell you how to use it for some fun .
Take screen shot of the desktop by pressing Print Screen on the desktop .
Go to Paint and paste this . Save it .
For Windows XP users
On the desktop right click -----> arrange icons by ----> De-select 'Show Desktop Icons '.
Now right click the taskbar and select properties .
Check auto hide the taskbar. Click OK.

Now change your wallpaper and keep the one you saved earlier.

If paint is not closed, select File ---------> 'Set as background (Centered) '.
Now on the desktop even if you click any icon nothing will happen !!!
Now do I need to tell youhow you can use it for fun on someone else's PC ?

To revert back to normalcy change the wallpaper and select 'show desktop icons' on the right click menu .

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amazing trick :)

You can put Keyboard shortcuts for desktop shortcuts. To do this follow these steps :

.Right click on the shortcut.
.Go to properties.
.Click once on the "Shortcut Key" bar.
.Press any alphabet that you want to use as Shortcut Key.
.Press OK.
.Now to open that shortcut, Press CTRL+ALT+"the alphabet

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How to do multiple login in g-talk

I wonder why this feature is not by default included in Google Talk. One can login simultaneously to more than one account. Unlike yahoo multiple login no need of registry editing here.

Follow these simple steps

Create a shortcut of your Google talk.
Right click the shortcut ----> choose Properties.
In the "Target" you will find this

"C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe"

Assuming you have installed in C:

Now at the end of target add this "/nomutex" without the quotes.
It should be like this
"C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex

There is a space after googletalk.exe"

Thats it .Click OK and you can open more than one Google talk.
Amazing, isn't it?

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Follow these simple steps to speed up firefox .
Type "about:config" into the address bar and press enter .

Set "network.http.pipelining" to "true".
Set "network.http.proxy.pipelining" to "true".
Set "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" to some number like 15. This means it will make 15 requests at once.
Do not alter anything other than this .
This will definitely improve your surfing speed.

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